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Re: 2 Old School House Features

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@Desert Lily  I don't know if this is an answer you're looking for but I would like window sills at every window!  I think they add to the character of a house and can be used for plants and such.


@jubilant you are so right. I'd give anything for a window sill that could hold a planter. We always put plants on the sills in our farm house.

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Re: 2 Old School House Features

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People also ask



Oh, Jubilant, now you're REALLY going to think I'm ignorant!   I totally misread or misunderstood the title.  I thought Old School Features was a type of decorating I'd never heard of, like Modern Farmhouse or Rustic Chic.  My brain just wasn't working on all cylinders when I read that!


Actually, old school kind of describes my kind of decorating.  Woman Wink

@caroln242   NO, I didn't think that! I think the fact that the word house was used in the title made me stop and think a moment, too! Nothing against OP as I have done similar things in some of my titles...just ask anyone here.... they could confirm that!  LOL


Thanks!   I was sitting here wondering where my mind went!  Woman LOL

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