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Re: Neighborhood Christmas Decorations

In Chicago all of the downtown streets are decorated, and in neighborhoods the commercial streets are well lit and glowing with decorations.  The residential streets are hit and miss.  A lot of the apartment buildings decorate the the front entryway, and many buildings with big lobbies decorate that space too.  There are a few residential streets (mostly suburban) which are reknowned for their displays.  I think it generates good commeraderie on the block when the neighbors get together to work on a project that is simply intended to be fun.  A little pride can seep in too if the displays attract visitors to the block. 

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Re: Neighborhood Christmas Decorations

Sounds lovely.  Our town and the Merchant's Association in The Village" which is our town's shopping and business district do a lovey job of decorating for Christmas.  The stores and business decorate and light their windows.  It's magical.  Here in our condo complex, people decorate their balconies and most people place their Christmas trees, some people put the trees in front of the window.  Hubby and I like to walk around and look at it all at night when everything is all lit up.   

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Re: Neighborhood Christmas Decorations

This is what the village of Biltmore House does!


Image result for Biltmore Village, Asheville nc for Christmas


Image result for lighting of Biltmore Village


Image result for christmas carols in Biltmore Village asheville nc




Related image


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Re: Neighborhood Christmas Decorations

@Kachina624 wrote:

There are areas in the older parts of Albuquerque where each resident lines his rooftop,  driveway and sidewalk with luminaries.   I've wondered what they do if someone won't or can't participate.   Anyway,  the city runs bus tours through these neighborhoods Christmas eve.   They have dozens of city buses leaving every hour.   Tickets went on sale at 8am this morning and were sold out by 11:30am.


I went one year with my parents,  and it was really beautiful. Santa Fe does something similar on Canyon Road which is solid art galleries in very old Adobe buildings.  They have buildings dating back to the 1500s.  Street is winding and goes uphill. 





I used to do a form of that when I lived Southern California.  I would use a clay pot with sand in it with red candle and hurricane glass.  I always had them up my front walk for Christmas Eve party.  Now I am in the PNW and the rain would just put them out.