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Sharing a few pics of my decor.  I didn't put up all my usual decorations this year, but had to put out some of my favorite pieces.  I don’t think I posted how I decorated my mantel this year with Ruger posing on the hearth.  No room for DH's and my stockings.  I had to put my angel Gigi's stocking up.  

My winter wonderland dining room table:


My growing Grinch collection:



And a repost of the slim tree I got this year so I could fit it in my family room:


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Very pretty!  Merry Christmas.  

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Beautiful!!! ..... MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎅🏻🎄🤶🎄

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Your dog looks cute posing on the hearth!   The decorations are so nice and I especially like your dog nativity scene. 

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Looks great @crazycockermom , I especially like your table scape with those darling snowmen, deer and trees. I also love the red trees on your fireplace.



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Same to all from SWFL. 


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Oh, the stockings are adorable! And I love the table decor - I might have to copy that a little next year.

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Thank you everyone!
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Re: Merry Christmas!

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Adorable pup!  Love your decor, especially the print or painting over the mantle!

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Very pretty and I love the inclusion of your adorable family of pups.


I especially like that little Bombe Chest holding your doggie Nativity.


Thanks for sharing your home and sweet friends.