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Registered: ‎06-07-2010 all my fall decorating done.  Took me two days, what with the vacuuming, washing my front door and cleaning the front porch.......I'm tired, but it all looks so nice.


How's everyone else doing?

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I haven't even started yet...not that I do much, and what I do is inside, except for hanging a wreath at the back door. My house can't be seen from the street, and everyone uses the back door, so no need for one at the front!

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I only add burgundy, or deep blue flowers to arrangements with items like pine cones and ivy.


I dislike fall colors, I am a winter and decorate in winter's colors.

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I am also done with Fall/Halloween decorating.  It takes a few days but the end result is so satisfying and it looks like Fall in my dining and living rooms and kitchen!  The bottom line is that it makes me happy and I welcome the cooler weather!!!!

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@Patriot3  All done! Finished adding fall ribbons and berries to my BL window candles today. DH helped with sprucing up the doorway. I'll add mums later on in Sept. It feels good!

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I'm decorating this weekend and I can't wait!  I usually do it Labor Day Weekend, but we were busy the entire time, so I couldn't do it. 


I'll be decorating both the inside and outside.  That's also when I turn over all of my candles, hand soaps, and body washes (just a few!) to fall as well.  I am SO ready!

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I love Fall, it's my favorite time of the year.  Unfortunately I live in the Southeast and we don't get much of a Fall.  It's still hot here and will be for some time.  When I first moved here, I would put out wreaths and stuff in September only for them to get ruined by the hot sun and weather.  It's hard for me to get into the mood when we have weather like this.  I usually don't start decorating until late October.

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Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another.


I was looking for a place to put a pan lid I don't really use which lead to re-organizing my hall closet, bedroom closet and one dresser.  


It was a good rainy day project.  Been raining here for 3 days....Southern Tier of NYS

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I actually did mine early this year (in August).  We were going away for a week so I decided to do a big housecleaning and switch over so I would come home to it ALL done!

Happy I did as here we are post Labor Day already.  Now I'm working on window washing Smiley Sad  Not my favorite job but I just have to have clean windows.  Traveling again early October so I am on a mission, LOL!  I have this thing about coming back to a nice clean house.  Happy Fall everyone Smiley Happy

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I finished mine Labor day weekend, and, I am happy looking at Fall decor, and, thinking of the nice crisp weather coming! ( I hope!) Everyone,