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I enjoy seeing all the Christmas items. Whether I buy or not doesn't matter.  It will get me in the mood and is a way to handle all this miserable heat and humidity.  Probably at least put my lights up in October. 

Janet in Georgia
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@GeorgiaJanet   Hi Georgia Janet, I'm a Georgia girl too. Here in the Atlanta area we are looking at temps. hovering near 100 for the next few days. So watching Christmas shopping is going to be refreshing. I look forward to this every year and have been since I saw Clarence Reynolds light the Christmas in July tree way back I think in 1993.

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@LizzieInSRQ  Most of her replies do come across as rude and snarky.  

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@SEGardener Oh no!   I'm in the market for a new tree this year too.  If there are none tonight, maybe they will have some this weekend. I looked at what they had on their website too - no deals right now.  Fingers crossed something good comes along for CIJ.  

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@DeborahAnn1987   See prior messages in this string--numbers 39 and 42--for some more ideas for otheer sources for  Christmas trees in case you don't find the deal or type of tree you want here.


Hope this helps you find your perfect tree at a great price.



Washington, DC


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Thank you @aroc3435!  I will Smiley Very Happy:

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I for one am very excited. 5:00 can't come soon enough.
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I love CIJ    They could have a day every month & I'd be happy to watch.  It's a definite show watch for me!

Remember to shop around.

The Upside down glasses are on the big A at the same price, no S&H with prime. 

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@chessylady wrote:

All the Christmas knick knacks you have will end up at Goodwill or the landfill. Go ahead, ask your kids.

Well, if that's your story, then don't watch or buy.  That's not the case for many folks.  I still use and enjoy most of the items I've been buying for the past 20 years.  I'm selective and buy what I love.  Heck, even if people do end up donating them to Goodwill, think of the joy someone else will get when they find something holiday they love at Goodwill.

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I don't watch many Q shows anymore but I was really looking forward to the CIJ kickoff last evening. Wow! I was able to watch 20 minutes and I turned it off. Very disappointed!


I checked out the items this morning online. David was his usual charming self....but I couldn't take the foolishness of the other host. I really think my computer will be my friend and help me with my shopping this year. I need to know the details of an item when I am shopping and I'm not much into the chatter and stories. Makes me sad. Smiley Sad