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Re: Bethelem Lights Christmas Tree

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I didn't have a Bethlehem tree but I've bought plenty of their wreaths, garlands and swags and know I'd never buy one of their trees.  They are stingy with the amount of lights, I don't think looks anything like what is presented on air.  I did buy a Santa's Best tree from QVC.  It was over $600 and was good for one year, the year we got it.  Never again will I buy any tree from QVC.  I have two trees from Home Depot.  Both purchased at end of years clearance.  A 7 foot tree for $70 that has both clear and multi lights that is beautiful and works year after year and a 12 foot clear light tree that we paid about $100 for.  Very pleased with Home Depot trees.



My best pre-lit tree was a Martha Stewart Tree from Home Depot it lasted 5 years, and they had the best prices too ...sadly Martha doesnt sell her trees there anymore.... 

One of the best trees I ever purchased was when I first got married and living in California.  There was a craft store (don't remember the name), it wasn't Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  I don't think it was even a chain.  I got a 9 foot pre-lit clear light tree for $45.  It lasted at least 8 years....maybe longer.  

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Re: Bethelem Lights Christmas Tree

I had to cut the lights off a prelit tree one time and that was enough for me to only buy one without lights.