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Love these cakes because the decoration enhances the appeal of actually eating the cake. The design keeps the cake as the focus, so to speak. Yum

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Wow @Foxxee those are really fabulous. 

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If your goal was to make me fat, you've succeeded. Actually, I'd love one of those snowflake cakes this season.

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@sligo wrote:

Foxxee, I LOVE the cake stand. CAn it be purchased somewhere or is it a vintage stand ? Would love a piece of cheesecake. Yes, it is good for breakfast. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. MANY THANKS



Both cakes and stand sold at Neiman Marcus and Horchow online. 


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@on the bay wrote:


I want to eat almost all!

Those are beautiful!!

I'd love to try that bourbon cake-never heard of that!

Are those from a certain bakery or something? They really are pretty.


@on the bay 


Sold on Neiman Marcus and Horchow online.  


I'd like to try all of them, but that New York Cheesecake is giving me a Pavlov's dog moment.  I may have to make one for Christmas.  


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Re: Beautiful Cakes

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I'm not a fan of cheesecake or red velvet cakes, or tiramisu, but the others look yummy. Perhaps a bit too much icing on them though, but I realize that's part of the artistry. 

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@Foxxee    Shame on you!  Cruel and unusual punishment. 

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