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Another Review ~ Yep, Valerie Item ~ ARGHHH!

Okay kids, this one didn't go so good.  Now we are at 2 bad, 1 good.


This is regarding H214946, set of 3 wax luminaries with timers.  I got the acorn choice.  I unpacked them and tried to put the batteries in.  There is no way the batteries are going to fit into the compartment.  Yes, I had the correct battery and yes, I tried until I broke into a sweat (literally).  The batteries just weren't going to snap into place.


On a positive note, I talked with someone in customer service who couldn't have been nicer.  She marked my account and assured me I would not be charged for shipping either way.  At least we can still count on good customer service! 


I'll pack them up tonight and tomorrow morning back they go.  (Arghhhh)........  

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Re: Another Review ~ Yep, Valerie Item ~ ARGHHH!

"C" battery?   That's what mine requires - just changed one yesterday.  (I know - you know - AA from C and D but just interested)

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Re: Another Review ~ Yep, Valerie Item ~ ARGHHH!

I hadn't seen them or I would have jumped on the acorn.  I don't think I've had a battery not fitting issue.  Sorry you are having issues.

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Re: Another Review ~ Yep, Valerie Item ~ ARGHHH!

@Julie92, I was just replying on @HisElk post about my disappointment with the VPH candle rings I bought and I saw your post. I hadn't even opened my acorns yet but ran in there to do so right now. I got one out and had no problem whatsoever inserting an AA battery. Are you sure about yours? Granted, I haven't tried all three yet, but the first one was a cinch...wasn't even tight. I will say it only lights up on the top two thirds of the acorn but I noticed that in the presentation and was prepared for it.