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Vanessa is doing a very good job with the Dooney & Bourke show this afternoon. It is really good to see her out of the "Closet"! Please give her more PRIME TIME -she is prepared, personable, & well-informed! 

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I agree, she's also very likable which adds to her presentation skills. Cat Happy

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Glad to read positive comments about hosts. Vanessa was a TV News reporter, she has good on camera experience. 

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I am also impressed with Vanessa as a host.  She is professional, allows the vendors to speak without interruption, has a pleasant way about her.  I hope she gets more prime time shows to host.  I also enjoy her and Steve when they host together.

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Yes, I agree with all of you.  Vanessa is an excellent host.  She is always well-prepared, poised, personable, well-spoken, well dressed, and has superb presentation skills.  I would love to see her in more primetime shows.  She is certainly an asset to QVC.

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I like Vanessa, today was the first time I watched her.

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Vanessa does a great job


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@DRUMPF wrote:

I like Vanessa, today was the first time I watched her.



Mine as well, rarely watch and had never heard of her before.


I though she did a great job....esp since Dooney can have a crazy number of colors in each bag!


I would Love to see her have her own solo shows, Prime time on Tuesday nights.


The current lineup must go!