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Slip Pocket Hate

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I have a couple of the Dooney and Bourke Florentine Nano Satchels. I am not in love with the Slip Pockets they use in their bags. I love the zip pockets, but the slip pockets seem to flop inward when I put something in them. It makes getting something in or out of the bag difficult when I need to maneuver around a floppy pocket. Nano bags are small enough. If there were some way I could make the full floppy not as big. If it were half the length it is now it would work a lot better. Velcro it into two pockets instead of one big one? Am I making any sense?? Any ideas?

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First of all I am not farmilar with that brand of handbag, but I do have a thought.  If its a fabric lining, you could take the bag to a seamtress and have them hand sew, with needle and thread, the large floppy pocket in to two(2) pockets.   sticky velcrow will just make a mess inside a purse.

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That's why I stopped buying Dooney bags. I would only buy the smaller bags (no totes) and every one had that slip pocket that just annoyed me. It was always in the way.