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@anisha wrote:

Hi @Chi-town girl, I looked at your pictures of the R4 BC and finally succumbed ! Got my R4 BC last week and it is a beautiful bag. I was able to cinch the sides in by pushing them in and hanging the shoulder strap inside the bag ( the weight of the clip hardware  hanging  inside the bag keeps the cinch in place. So this will be my cinch method till I find a good leather shop to make a cinch buckle for the inside ) . I normally carry the bag only by the short handles on my shoulder so this was perfect. Have used the bag a couple of times with no organizer inside, just my BC wallet and another pouch for essentials(  I wish they would restock the BC pouches soon , I am running out of patience here !!) . The bag retained its cinched shape all day and I received so many compliments.  I love the bag and decided to get another BC for my best friend for her upcoming birthday. The second one came yesterday and the first thing I noticed when I opened it was a horrible smell ( like those pest sprays) and it was an obvious return, missing dust cover and long strap and also had a tear on the bottom next to the feet. Called CS and will be returning the defective one. My friend is getting some Judith a Ripka jewelry now.  Will wait for clearance or "as is" to get another R4. I hope you are enjoying yours. Have a good weekend. 

@anisha - Hi anisha!  I'm so glad that you returned to the Handbag forum to gives us feedback & a review of the GILI Roma4 handbag. And equally delighted that you are happy with your purchase. Heart


Isn't the Blue Cobra gorgeous! Heart  I too receive compliments all the time. The beautiful leather is the main compliment, but also lots of ladies love the fact the logo is understated.  It's unique. You don't see these coming & going like Michael Kors.


I wanted to also thank you for sharing your technique for cinching in the sides. I have bolded the info in your post. I'm going to try that and am flagging your suggestion for the other GILI ladies. My Blue Cobra has been holding the side tucks for me by merely just pushing them in, but I want to try your technique.  


Oh, it's unfortunate about the 2nd handbag you ordered.  I wish Q could tighten up theit QC procedures for processing returns to weed out the bad ones that are being shipped out as new. I might flag this for the mod's to pass on to QVC fulfillment. It's happened to me too with handbags and clothing.


I'm also waiting for the pouch reorder. One of the GILI gals will post as soon as it's back. I will make sure to send you a notification Woman Wink

Thanks again @anisha!   

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Hi @Chi-town girl, I hope my cinching technique is helpful to you and others. My bag is holding it's 'A' line cinched shape with this method well.  I agree with you about the QC procedures and hope it improves. I will be on the lookout for your notification about the pouch. Hoping they get new ones in soon. 

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@ Morning lover - I have both the Lori Greiner that came in 2 sizes with the handles in the sliver color  and I have the Pursefection in the leopard (bought at the same time. - I find that the pursefection is more my go to since it zips closed and I don't have things falling out of it if the bag falls off the front seat of my car and hits the floor (yes  ihave a bad habit of leaving it open) and it is easier to find tings in. (this one works best for my big bags.  The smaller Greiner bag is not bag form my medium (Think Dooney European Leather Sophie) type bags - since the bag is not as cavernous as my big Roma II (2nd generation) this seems to work better and my items stay where I put them.  The only downside I have found with the Greiner product is that the elastic gussets do stretch and the elasticity that once held things in places loses the tighter hold  which is disappointing.  I certainly don't expect it to last for years and years, but for something lightly used, I expect more wear out of it than I have gotten.  I will have to check into the LG one that you are using and see if there are some improvements that may be worth me picking it up.  Do you happen to know the item number for it and if it is still available?



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triggercli[.jpgThese are called double trigger clips. I buy them on ebay. They're about 5, each.  If you attach two to each shoulderstrap loop, you have the equivalent of an inside hook.