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Re: Handbag tsv

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@aroc3435 Great find!  And while QVC is fine for what it is, I'll never understand the mindset that it's the only game in town. It's not. Smiley Wink

Interesting. I didn't get that impression at all from the original poster. I assume that she, like the rest of us, know how and where to shop. Quite often I'll wait and see what's offered here before I make a purchase decision or look elsewhere. Your response sounds  condescending. 

@fairydogmother  Condescension was not my intent but perhaps appearing scornful was yours... QVC is not my first stop, nor have I found it a preferred resource for handbags and I was simply expressing those thoughts. Moving on...

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Thanks ladies, I have looked around a little bit (internet) was just curious about tsv as I was looking for something a little different but I dont care for that tote. Thanks for your help

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I really love the handbag coming up, in Camo!  But dang, $199?  And that's the sale price.  Can't do it.....

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There have been handbag tsvs that I've purchased, but that was more in the past. These days the s&h charges strike me as ridiculous, even though the packaging might be very nice; those charges really jack up the total price.


I agree with checking eBay. Another idea, depending on your needs and willingness to take a chance, is to wait for a free s&h day. Then you could check "as is," which I have done very successfully! Just a thought.


good luck and have fun!


I like the canvas tote TSV a lot actually but am not buying, can't justify it.