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Lug is on Zulily today:  just in case anyone is interested.  Nice selection. Never purchased this brand, but it looks sleek and modern. 


Rose Pink Tuk Tuk Carryall



Rose Pink Hula Hoop Messenger Bag


Fern Green Gallop ToteNavy Blue Tumbler Cosmetic Bag



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Hey thanks,hicindy...I posted about a week ago that the lug life website has a 60% off wharehouse sale...BIG discounts. Hurry!

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Re: Atten: LUG Fans

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LUG TSV.....   May 23

F12279     ( Click item # ) 


Lug East/West Overnight Bag - Propeller

QVC PRICE: $96.00



+ S&H: $5.00

or $19.74 x 4 Easy Pays + S&H and tax

  • Aqua
  • Black
  • Camo Navy
  • Camo Pink
  • Olive
  • Orchid


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got my new lug tsv and it's beautiful in pink a little smaller when you first see it but when you open all the sections on it it will hold alot .can't wait to use it for first time!!Smiley Very Happy

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When I tried the TSV item number, it did not reflect the TSV price.  I love the pink camo!