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Of the  Kooba Jonnie? I like this one. 
The one I own is in rose gold, with pewter colored hardware 

I've really enjoyed it. Such wonderful, soft leather. 

A wee bit pricey, but, they're pretty bags. 


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I like the blue trim and soft leather but the bag is way to big for me. Plus it doesn't really look like a shoulder bag, more of an armpit bag or hand carry, neither of which I would buy. 

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They are a large bag, and not, what I'd consider a shoulder bag. 

None of those are deal breakers for me, but, I know, for some they  would be 👜 

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I had a beautiful black Kooba but I found it a bit bulky and heavy. It was a lovely bag but I didn't enjoy carrying it, sadly. Yes, Kooba bags are definitely pricey, but the leather is fabulous if you like that type of bag!
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Love the detail of the blue braid down the front plus from the photos on the side, the lining of the bag appears to be colorful, which is always a nice little detail. However, this bag is far too large for me!

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At one time, this bag was offered in large and small. I don't know if it still is. It was also available in numerous colors. I used to want the large bag in a rich saddle color, until I saw what I seem to remember was an ugly mauve lining... The lining might seem an unimportant detail, but for me, it can make or break a bag... 

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Yes, I like it. It looks classic and spacious, a perfect one for office, shopping and travel. The texture details and blue brim in center accentuates the look.