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This past weekend it was beautiful,  sunny and in the 70s, so we were outside cleaning up the gardens and splitting/re-planting hosta plants.  We probably split about 15 hostas. Everything is starting to look so nice.  This week it's going down into the 30s....  ugh!

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Here in Colorado we don't dare plant anything in the ground until after Mother's Day. With the recent warmer weather we've been having, many people are tempted to start their gardens early but I always warn them they'll be sorry when that sudden frost shows up and kills their newly planted garden finds. Live and learn.

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We will be in the 40's this week but the weather has been "all over the place" this year.  Is already hot in SC.  I planted a raised garden this year (was inspired by the QVC tsv) and plants are thriving.  I can cover them easily since they are on my deck but hope I don't have to.  Strawberries are in season and workers are tending all the peach trees.  

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I'm on Long Island and the weather has been awful here.  We have had some beautiful and mild days in recent weeks, but they have been few and far in between.  For the most part it has been cold and somewhat gloomy.  Everyone is itching for sun and warmer weather, but it's just not budging right now.  It will get here eventually, but it's taking a long time...

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Re: Weather woes

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@Knit-Chick , our weather in East Coast Nova Scotia has been very wet and cold.  I am busy in the garden but even the black flies won't come out because it is so cool!  Dying for some sun!  

Crocus are finished, daffodils just starting.  LM

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Weather here in Illinois has not been too good yet for planting.  Last year our spring started out very warm so I purchased and planted everything before Mother's Day.  I later regretted it, as the weather then turned cold and had to cover all the plants for several nights so that the frost would not kill them.


I need to purchase and plant a lot, and hoping the weather gets better soon.  As I still work full-time, I don't have too much extra time - may have to take a few PTO days to get everything accomplished.

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@Bunsnoop totally agree with the PTO!  Trying to get things done at night or on the weekend is tough, especially if the weather doesn't cooperate!

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@Lilysmom1 hope it warms up for you soon!  We had a few days of sun and 70 degree weather and it felt so good!  Then it went back to the 30's.... LOL

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Weather has been too cool for my taste.  I am still putting on the heat in the morning.


Lots of gloomy grey skies.

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It’s snowing this morning (5-2-22) here in North Woodmoor Colorado.

Last year the last snow (for where I live) was in the first week of June.

Only in Colorado. lol