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Spring Fever!

We went to Tuesday  Morning yesterday and stocked up on summer necessities for the patio - new cushions, pots, umbrellas, etc.  Then we went to Home Depot and got some bulbs and other plants.  Now what we need is some Spring sunshine and warmth!  Sunny today in SE VA but not very warm!

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Re: Spring Fever!

Metro DC area here.  Put the snow shovels away yesterday.  Rain mixed with some snow forecat for tonight and tomorrow early morning.

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Re: Spring Fever!

It better get warm here, my husband is down stairs shutting down and cleaning our coal stove for the season.

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Re: Spring Fever!

Perfect pansy weather!  I bought some today and put them around.

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Re: Spring Fever!

perfect weather love it . .

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Re: Spring Fever!

One of my peonies I planted last fall is emerging! I am keeping fingers crossed that all of them come up and bloom! 


It is a beautiful day outside today.

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