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SNAILS...I have SNAILS crawling around my yard!

You may ask, so what's the big deal? why are you getting so worked up?

The answer is that I hate snails and slugs and they're so nasty and disgusting and SLIMEY...and destructive.

I live in the northwest which is snail/slug central of North America. And oddly enough, we haven't had any infestations for years and I was hoping it was permanent. But no...recently I've found a few and ran shrieking into the house to tell my husband. He's going to buy some Sluggo and dispatch the little bastards before they can eat my plants and destroy all my hard work.

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Old time way is to put beer in a saucer near where they are.  They'll be gone.

Also....go here!

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@GoneButNotForgotten   What Annabellethecat  fonted must be true because that is what my parents did for their garden year after year.  So it must work.


My father drank Ballantine beer.  So that is what they used. Smiley LOL

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Apparently I used the wrong flavor of beer..............I'm a SLUG BEGONE type - bury around the roots of plant.  You don't have to go find them............


They travel at a ..........snail's pace

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I had them when I lived in CA and used beer also.  Hated them and all their slimy trails.  

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The problem is that Sluggo is toxic and can negatively effect the ecosystem.  The slugs will be eaten by birds, frogs, etc. and they will be poisoned too.  It's also unsafe for pets like cats and dogs.  

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We have slugs the size of a garden hose where I'm at. Honestly, we've just gotten used to them. I NEVER walk in my bare feet in my yard at night or early in the morning. (Have you ever got that slug goop on your feet? Impossible to remove! :-P ). 

We have slug trails on everything. If they start to dine on my hostas, I will put slug bait out but only when necessary. 


BTW, the beer trick never worked for us. I guess the slugs prefer wine to beer. Sorry, I don't share my wine! :-) 



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They pay a lot of money for these in France as they eat them and supplies are running short.  I always found some humor in this.

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@Dear libbyI live in fear of finding this in my pool or skimmer - yuck!  How did you get it out?