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Re: the september insider is up

On 8/15/2014 sunshine45 said:
On 8/15/2014 lovesrecess said:

where can we access the insider now?

if you google the right words you can find an old link which will take you to an old edition. the newest edition of the insider can then be found by going to archives. sorry i cannot be more specific.

Thank you so much Lovesrecess! I have been told twice on Facebook by QVC that if I called QVC customer service I could sign up to receive the Insider online link each month. I have called twice and still have yet to receive the link via email. I originally got access to it via a link on YouTube earlier this year but I didn't know the archives would take me to new editions. I scour Google each month until I find the link because it changes each month. It's not like I can make a change to the URL and look at another month. Your tip really helped me. Thank you for that.

The Insider should be available to anyone who wants to sign up for it via QVC's website. Every month we should get an email link for it. Looking at the Insider makes shopping with QVC a lot more fun!

Thanks again. =)

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Re: the september insider is up

I've had and reviewed my hard copy. Not much in it to impress me this month.

I am frustrated again that on Thursday, September 25th, they are doing ANOTHER 24-hour long day of Vicenza Style Italian Jewelry. Getting bored with these long repeat shows so frequently.