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Hey Angel,

On recent presentations of your Dream Jeannes, you have mentioned that Ms. Jeanne Bice always said that she was "short" not petite (so the pants had a "regular" rise). What I need is pants that are "long" in the leg and "regular" rise. I have the problem of the rise being so long that I have to turn the waistband down one or two rolls. I can do this when the pants are pulled on and do not have a zipper, but cannot do so with a zipper. Do you make anything with the regular rise and long leg? Gloria Vanderbilt makes a jean called "missy long" that fits me, but they do not make the stretch jean like yours. Help!!!!!! {#emotions_dlg.crying}

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I was told that QF will not make anything other than regular rise and maybe different lengths. I just love ordering a short pair of pants and having the rise up to my rib cage. They are missing out on sales because of their business plan being stuck in the mud since day one. JMHO