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Why are you not showing more skirts, like the jersey one?

I have 2 of them, and wear them all the time.

I don,t wear pants anymore. I love your skirts

Please Please make more in different colors


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Most women today wear pants. I don't own a skirt nor did my mother.
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Just inventoried my skirts when I did a quickie closet purge last week. I have some really cute ones that I wear a lot. Favorite is a black, white & gray made by East 5th. It's poly & spandex, is a petite length (fits just to my knee), and is kind of swingy on me. Just love it. I love denim skirts (have 3 of them), along with a longer black knit pull on that can be dressed up or down. I also have a couple of summery poly skirts that are older, one in a red & white flower pattern and another in a navy pattern. Love my skirts.

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Love my skirts too especially my leather ones of which I have many styles and colors. I love my pants too. Which I wear depends on the weather and whim.

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I live in skirts.

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I love skirts for work, especially in the summer. Have not had a QF skirt in awhile. A new one would be nice, something midcalf. Nothing too long or too short.