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If anyone has these jeans, please let me know how you found the fit. did you have to size up or down? I think the regular is 32 inches. That seems very long. Thanks for any information.

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I have these jeans, & they run true-to-size for me. I'm 5'7", & the regular length is fine. Hope that helps.

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I'm 5'10" and the regulat length is usually long enough.  Beware when you're trying them on that they will shrink.

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Thanks so much. I'm 5'7 as well! Are they ok with flats, or too long? If you're in between sizes, would you size up?

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I hated these jeans! Sent them back. The material is too thick and they're the ultimate "mom" jeans. Not good.

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I love the 24/7 pants.  I find that they run true to size.  I order his petite length.

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 I have the newest 24/7 denim straight leg pants and I really like them.  I'm 5'7" and the length is perfect.  In other jeans, I can wear an 8 or small, but in these I needed size 10.  I have laundered them and there was no shrinkage.  My favorite new jeans are the pull-on straight leg Dream Jeannes.  However, the 24/7 jeans are dressier and I will definitely wear them a lot too.

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I have these in the wide-leg petite.  Love them.  I have a very hard time finding jeans because of large thighs but these work for me.  I got them in the petite length and I can still wear a 2-3 inch heeled boot or sandal.  Mine have not stretched out or shrunk.  I have them in the dark wash and black.  I also think they're a little dressy.  I'm very pleased.