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 I returned a package yesterday using the q return label.the lady behind the counter said,there was no such zip code.i have never had this happen before.she sent pkg anyway,hopefully address was correct.i called customer service right away.they said if they don't recieve it in 10 days,I would still get credit back on my account.

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That happened to me a while back using the label.


The PO clerk would not send it.  I made him wait while I called CS to get a different zip code.


Everything was fine.  Received and credited.

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You can go to the USPS website, and look up zip code finder. There is also an address finder on their website. Great tools to find out if a zip code or address is correct. 

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QVC must have some agreement with the USPS to use that zip code or their returns would be in chaos and most would never arrive there. 

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