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Just search zip up robes for women on Amazon

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Google "Miss Elaine"; I've purchased these nice, warm robes from Kohl's as well as Macy's.


Good luck. 

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Blair, Macy's, etc., etc.  Not hard to find this style.  All my robes have zippers.

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Damons & Drapers have good quality zip front robes.  I have 4 of them.

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Re: Winter Robes

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I only work part time and am home comfy in my long winter robes quite a bit, so my robes are very important to me. I find beautiful ones on ebay from Bob Mackie, his quality is amazing, also Miss Elaine, Heavenly Bodies,  and Vanity Fair.  Zippers for me too and I like them down to my ankles. 

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Yes, LLBean has great quality robes. The Vermont Country Store also has great zippered robes.
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I have two chinelle robes......nice, cotton. A bit 'heavy'.......For several years I've been wishing for polyester chinelle robes (lighter weight).


Ciao Bella:  Thanks for the alert.


I'm the one who prefers robes with hoods during cold Fall/Winter.   Only not too heavy weight.


I'll check out S.H.'s robe and also other suggestions here.


Thank you.  Heart



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I bought this robe for both myself and my 88 year old mother from Blair over a year ago.  It is soft and warm and washes extremely well.  The price is also extremely reasonable and it comes in several colors.