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Wow, are you out for Spring thaw?{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

You'll find my heart at the Rainbow Bridge. Smiley Sad
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Anyone else think she tuned into see the new Monday night lineup last night? I would have, if I was her, just to see how they're getting along without me.

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Good Grief!!!

The relentless threads of ""where is""......

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Hi Bread Loaf. It was announced a bit ago, and was big news around here for a long time. There were numerous posts regarding this, and most days, it seems there still are. Here is some info for you:

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Seeking attention, are you?

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She left QVC in December. From the looks of her public FaceBook page, she is doing very well living her life outside the lights, camera, action she has been under this past 20 years.

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Omg! You need to get over it Lisa.

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Breadloaf,are you serious?

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On 3/3/2015 January121 said: She left the building with Elvis!!!

Best way to go!