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Re: When you get Several NEW Items at Once...

The last time I remember getting several outfits and clothing items at the same time was when my mom would buy me back-to-school clothes.... back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. 


I usually buy one item at a time, or maybe up to 3 t-shirts at a time.  They all get hung in the closet to wear when needed.


P.S.   I usually don't buy new items until I toss or donate similar items.  One in, one out.

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Re: When you get Several NEW Items at Once...

I will buy many new items at once if I'm going on vacation or long business trip, but usually to go w/ something else I already own. I have a few suits for formal presentations I have to give, but those are really the only "outfits" I own. When I buy new clothes for a specific trip/vacation I do not wear them until that event --- because I want to keep the clothing clean. I'm not saying I'm a slob, BUT, I have been known to wear what I eat. Smiley Happy 


I did buy quite a few things from Talbots for a couple of trips I was going to have this spring. All trips have been cancelled. I guess it's just as well that I didn't end up liking much of any of the clothing and had sent them back. I did keep two yoga jackets that I have not worn yet. Seems so silly to wear them sitting at home. But it also seems silly not to wear them. :::sigh::::