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To those ladies who order items on waitlist, do you often get most of them? 

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I equate it with roulette...

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I sorta look at it as if I get it, great; if I don't, it wasn't meant to be.  I think I have always gotten the few things I've bought on waitlist.  it's been quite awhile though.

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Yes, I have gotten most of the things I waitlisted.


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Yes, you have a good chance of getting your item.
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Re: Waitlisted items

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I can't give you an exact ratio.  Sometimes it comes through and sometimes it doesn't. I have one right now, from Thanksgiving weekend, that I'm keeping my fingers crossed on, but it feels iffy, like it may not happen,  Really hope I end up being wrong. 🤞

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I've gotten 2 out of 5 items on waitlist over the past month.

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I think I was only waitlisted once or twice and I did get the items.