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Probably the worst top I have ever seen QVC sell in the past 20 some on years I have been watching. In a word Awful.

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Thanks QVC for the early morning laugh.  This TSV has got to be the worse one ever at least in the clothing department.  Who wants ruffles sitting on their hips.  What was Lori and her team thinking?  This should be in her Logo Littles department.

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@mynewnickname wrote:

OMG....Who would wear a ruffle on their butt??   seriously?   Smiley Frustrated


Actually, I think I had a much-loved pink bathing suit with tiny ruffles all over it - including the butt - when I was THREE. lol

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I have a couple of her tops and do like them a lot.  This one looks awful on all of the models.  If you are tall like me it will hit you right around the butt.  If you are short it will accentuate the thighs.  I just don't think this one looks good on the small or fuller figured models.  What mature woman wears ruffles anyway? 

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I've never been a "girlie girl" who wears lace, ruffles, flowers or hearts. Until recently (last year or so), that is. I discovered I like a bit of lace trim and have a few pieces with that. I've added a few IM floral cardigans - great quality and very pretty. 


I think I might like a specific kind of ruffle - the very loose, hardly gathered ones. I have yet to find that on a top or cardigan done just the way I'd like. It would need to be subtle and not too big a ruffle.


I am pretty sure that I will never want to own clothing decorated with hearts - but did not quote me on that! Someone could come out with some unusual design that I find irresistible! Smiley Wink


I really love Lori's color choices and the different fabrics she mixes together. But the few styles I would feel comfortable wearing are priced higher than I am willing to pay even when they are one sale.

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is inappropriate.

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@KentuckyWoman I agree with everything you said and would like to add that if you have a larger chest it could pull up the front ruffle and change the hemline.

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Not a good look for most of us...

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My 5 yr old neice has a top like this one.  It looks cute on her.

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Reminds me of someone dressing up in a clown costume







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