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Those of you who wear them, how do they not make you feel like a little kid?


I really like lace; I really like her pocket treatments; I really like the fabrics; I like straight hemlines...but take out the gathering, and I would like a lot more of LOGO.

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This item doesn't look long enough, so unless you have absolutely no hips, the ruffles are going to be right at the widest part of you! If you were very short then they may end up lower. Otherwise, look at this top on Leah. Another example of a  host having to wear a TSV, when it simply does not look good on them.

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You read my mind.  I've been wondering...when did women turn into little girls?  I'm not a logo person, because I don't care for the look, but just the image today on the screen seems so silly to me.  The clothes are so "baby doll."

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@Bhvbum you are so right, very few can pull this look off.

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I do own some LOGO pieces. Her pants and leggings are very good quality. The TSV is poor. Looked bad on every host who has worn it so far, The gathering on the ruffle looks cheap and unfinished, and the cotton appears to be poor quality, will possibly look like a rag after one washing. Lori has done some nice TSVs in the past; I think this was QVC getting her to give us this awful top. Just bad.

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Not flattering at all. I saw a photo on the Q homepage and it even made the model look wide through the hips; we all know she isn't!

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The "baby doll" look sure isn't of me. I think it's cute to look at but if your over 20 it's way to young looking.   I like Logo and have a lot of her cardigans and tops but anything that's gathered on the bottom in a ruffle is a no go, way to childish, I would feel like a fool wearing it. 

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I agree that the length is too short, unflattering, and it's too pricey.

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I like that long tank they are featuring with the TSV. Pretty colors.

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I agree with everyone that the ruffle is in the wrong place to be flattering.I think the cotton fabric is probably nice for summer and people have been asking for it.I would think a couple of small ruffles on the sleeve would have been a nod to the trend and wearable to more women.