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I have the one that is a square within a square.  Much less bulk!

What do you mean a square within a square @ECBG ?

@San Antonio Gal 


I buy invisible belts from amazon and the closure is a square within a square.

Much less bulk and can't be seen.  I wear my designer's belts over them.


Beltaway-The Square Adjustable No Show Flat Buckle Belt Comfortably Holds Your Pants Up

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So many people, like me, have short legs and buy petite size pants then discover the rise is slightly too short and have trouble keeping them up.  Constantly hiking one's pants up in public is not a good look and ducking in doorways raises suspicions.


This belt solves that problem as it does overly large waistbands.  My belts (and pants) now stay right where they're supposed to be.

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SO happy you found what works!  That's a battle won!!!Smiley Happy

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Wow ! I've never heard of this belt but it's something I am very interested in so off to amazon I go Thanks @Kachina624 !

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@Kachina624  Never heard of them. Thanks!