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Tall Ladies Unite!

QVC....why do you keep ignoring us tall gals? You certainly have petite styles galore in tops and PANTS! Now you are starting to cornering the market with very large sizes in 4 and 5X. This is great and it’s about time. Good for them.But yet you do almost nothing for us tall gals.


Many have asked and asked for you to get Kim Gravel’s Flexibelle jeggings in TALL! But nope...nothing except a TSV months ago with boot cut jeans. Just like the TSV today for Kim, no talls! We need the longer rise and pant length. When are you and your vendors going to get it??? That includes Susan Graver and Denim & Co.  


How many more months or years have to go by before we get our tall jeggings by Kim. Probably when they are out of style. Spanx got the idea with tall leggings and they are  fantastic. I have six pair. How about jackets and coats in tall? Would be nice having an appropriate sleeve and body length. We tall gals are waiting for an answer! 

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Re: Tall Ladies Unite!

I have given up and moved to other online stores.  J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, J. Jill all carry some talls.  

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Re: Tall Ladies Unite!

I am tall, over 6ft.   QVC is not a retailer that offers clothing for tall women.   There are other retailers offering tall women's clothing.   I spend my money with those retailers.   Old Navy is one of my favorites!

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Re: Tall Ladies Unite!

I’m Another tall gal who shops elsewhere for the lengths

I need, and I also sew quite a bit of my wardrobe.

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Re: Tall Ladies Unite!

Require 32" (can squeak by with 31") on britches....I purchase Linea when he does tall and I'm very pleased.  Problem...this doesn't happen often enough!

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Re: Tall Ladies Unite!

I NEVER buy my pants online!! I learned a long time ago that the only way to get a good fit and to make sure they are long enough is to buy at a brick and mortar store and try them on. 

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Re: Tall Ladies Unite!

Back in October Kim G introduced her tall jeans.  They have a 34" inseam.

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Re: Tall Ladies Unite!

EXACTLY!  Women With Control offer talls but I don't want all my pants to look basically alike!  And another thought----where are the NARROW shoes!!  Very little offered-----Rant over---LOL

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Re: Tall Ladies Unite!

I have been with QVC  almost from the very beginning. Many years ago Susan graver offer tall pants -- I bought many pairs -- now nothing !! There are a few vendors that offer tall but the rise is not right, also I need them to reach to the waist - otherwise the slightly below the waist are "plummers/handimans" pants. Some linea are great. Also -- skirt lengths need to be longer ,or as my grandmother used to say " you have 2 more cheeks to powder!" . As I mentioned yesterday --we also need narrow width shoes . Please vendors help us!!

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Re: Tall Ladies Unite!

I’m on board with you ladies!  My other request, one more time, is size 10 1/2 in shoes. Almost always they jump from 10 to 11.