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Already pre-ordered this in Navy. It is very similar to a lace top that I own of Isaac's that I often wish was made longer into a dress.

I wonder if Isaac read my mind?

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I too have the shirts...3! I always wanted it in a dress...I've pre-ordered 3 of the dresses. I would size up, based on the shirt, if any one is interested.

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I ordered it in the pink. I like precious. Don't want black because it won't show the beauty of the lace. I'm planning on wearing it casually a lot. I love to wear Isaac's dresses in the summer - even just to lunch.

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Very pretty, thanks for the pic.

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It is lovely but a little too much for my office, wish I had some up coming event - Issac really does have cute dresses.

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I have an outdoor June wedding. This might work.
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I was at Sam's Club, yesterday and was very surprised to see the same dress for $19.82. The dress was featured on an end-cap. The only difference that I noticed was that the neckline was different. Sam's dress had a rounded neckline instead of the split. When I got home, I double-checked my email and the fabric is the same (nylon/span) and it is also lined. They had XS to XXL in white, black, navy, coral-red and a turq/seafoam green. Didn't buy one because the nylon (think pantyhose) seamed to snag a bit when handled. HTH

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From previous posts it obviously comes in navy and pink.....any other colors and price?

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Pink, Green, French Blue, Black, White, Royal Blue


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Pretty summer dress, but the sleeves look to short for my arms. {#emotions_dlg.unsure}