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Style Tips Over 60

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Microsoft has several articles about style after 60. examples how to style blazers, how to style flannel, how to style blouses, etc. after the age of 60. I read a couple of the articles, not all of them.


I have no idea who writes this stuff, but I think they're useless .The writers must have had timelines to meet. Why focus on over 60?  It's like people never knew what to wear until the internet came along. Everyone has their own style, no matter their age. Articles like these don't define the general public.


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Agree! Those articles are a complete joke!
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If it's Microsoft, MSN, MSNBC it's likely now written by AI. Garbage in, garbage out. No need to pay real people.


Sports Illustrated just got caught posting two stories about pro players that don't exist and events that never happened. Written by writers with fake images that don't exist, either. SI scrubbed the articles.



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Those articles are only good for laughs.  I think they are written by 24 year old assistant fashion editors.



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Re: Style Tips Over 60

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On youtube, you might enjoy "Dressed For My Day" by Kay Harms, a minister's wife.  She is quite enjoyable.


Also youtube Beth Dajali, she is wonderful.


I am well over 60 if you want to check out "Outfit of The Day".  We share a little about ourselves and talk about clothes.


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Um, I think the style tips should be for those under 25! The ones who wear there pjs everywhere. Those of us over 60 don't need the tips! Haha.

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Unfortunately the ones who should be reading it aren’t.
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Gee we who are of this older age group, I'll add in 50s, 60s, must have looked like tattered ragdolls from our 20s and beyond.


I'm here to say, NOT ME!!!!!  I've always looked stylish at low price tags too. I'm the one who looks for great fashion items on sale, rarely did I nor do I pay full price. I'm a bargain shopper with well named brands in my closets. I still do this only on a much smaller scale as I am retired. I still have great things because so many items I still love and still look like the day I bought them.



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Re: Style Tips Over 60

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I've seen those articles too., I watch YouTube videos on fashion now and then. They all seem to focus on how we mature ladies should dress to look "better", "more youthful", "less frumpy", etc. 


Sometimes I get a good idea for an outfit or styling tip, and other times I get a really good laugh. I use what works for me and disregard the rest. Fashion is very subjective and personal style is just that, personal. There are lots of clothing choices out there. 

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@wilma I agree Wilma!  If you are over 60 and can't dress yourself, I'd say get another hobby.  Honestly?  You don't have that covered by now?  I think most of us wear what we think looks good and therefore are comfortable in.


By that time, we sort of have our "uniform" worked out and stray little from it. 


Sixty is way too old to be fretting about what you wear.  Too many other things to bring joy at this stage of life--at least I hope for us there is! Woman Happy. Certainly not what some unknown internet source thinks.