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Now Gary has started dancing, i like him  but no dancing ,please.

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@goldensrbest   If the dancing lowers sales, he will stop.


I have yet to see it -  no clothes on my December list and I prefer my music instead of TV for entertainment.


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They have to juice it up since the squirrels are on hiatus, LOL!

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Re: Stop with the dancing

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They were just having a little fun.


Heaven forbid!


I thought it was cute.   I loved it!  It's nice to see people spontaneously  joyful and in good spirits.  Everything doesn't need to be dour and sour and rigid and uptight.



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Dancing Squirrel! - GIF - Imgur

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Woke up grumpy today, but the dancing squirrel had me laughing. 

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Was Gary eating?  That's usually when the dancing occurs....

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He wasn't feeling well and still showed an effort to have fun. It doesn't bother me if they keep it to a minimum. 

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I love Gary and Jayne's dancing at the very end of their show. The total dancing time equates to no more then a few seconds......really.  

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@SaveTheTurtles wrote:

Was Gary eating?  That's usually when the dancing occurs....



Uh Oh...that doesn't sound good...

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