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Watching the Cuddl Duds presentation I see some really cute summery clothes.  What I am disappointed in seeing though are all the slits to above the knee.  A small slit maybe needed in a narrow skirt for freedom of movement, but I would prefer not to show my leg up to my thigh at my age.  So many of us have gotten away from wearing shorts for the same reason.  Just wish they would modify the slits on some of the clothing.  Just my opinion.

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@Kardi   ITA. Although do not purchase from Q, have only seen a few slits on clothing in other retail sites. I also object to designs, crochet, etc. at the hem of pants since I cannot shorten them and would be losing the point of purchasing the pants/jeans. 

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@Kardi I completely agree.


I thought the jumpsuit is cute and considered it until I saw the slits. Just shows too much of what I prefer to keep to myself. Smiley Happy I actually prefer no slits as I don't find it difficult to maneuver without them.


I hope everyone who does purchase this enjoys it but it's just not for me.

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If the slit is on the side and it bothers me I just sew it up. 

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I thought it was pretty too and would have actually gotten it if--

it was cotton! I just can't wear these spandex stretchy non breathable things in the hot humid muggy toucan summers lol!


Even in stores it is so rare to see anything not made of this hot material.

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@Kardi  Agree!  Do not like slits more than a couple of inches on clothing.  Immediate deal breaker for me.

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The slits are a big turnoff for me and are not necessary on pants.  A double turnoff for me are slits on a printed fabric when you see the white backing.  

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I love, love, love slits in warm-weather wide leg pants/jumpsuits, and maxi dresses.  Gives it an airy, very pretty, on-trend look & feel.  It gives the garment an extra sense of attractiveness and fun, in my opinion.Also looks great with lovely shoes/sandals.



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I really don't buy anything with slits and it's not that my legs have seen better days.  I never had great or particularly good legs.  Rhonda Sheer had jumpsuit like this as a Tag this year and also last year.  There was no slit.  I bought 2 this year because I've lost a bunch of weight and the 2 from last year are too big.  Shophq sold that same jumpsuit for a few years, no slit. But they didn't offer petites so I couldn't buy one.

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@simplyfriends wrote:

If the slit is on the side and it bothers me I just sew it up. 


I odered the black and plan to do just that...stitch up the side slit. I also ordered the Camuto platform sandals the vendor had on. I think the jumpsuit will look cute with my various linen short jackets, my Concho belt and my sw jewelry. 

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