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Re: Shopaholics O.D.A.T (Tuesday)

Good evening, everyone. I got home from work a little early. While I am at work, I cannot post. I know I'll be back tomorrow and Friday; Thursday is unknown at this point. I just keep my items ready so I can be out the door a half hour after they call if they call at the last minute.

I did just call and pre-register for the CAT scan next Monday. I'm all too ready for them either to eliminate or confirm problem. I deal much better with definite information when it comes to health. I really want that cystoscopy thing out of the way, but have to wait until March 2. These tests, etc. add to the reasons not to shop because of the unknown.

Gayle--I am so sorry about the loss of your fur baby. Take time to grieve and then bring a new one into the home when ready.

Kathleen--I do hope your party goes well as I'm sure it will. Living in two places will give you some insight into what items are more essential and what can be eliminated at the country home.

Twinny--It sounds as if you had a very rough day with the medical tests. The stress of tests when they go well is bad enough but to have to repeat some, etc. makes it even worse.

Rosa--Enjoy your Valentine's Day weekend excursion. It sounds so wonderful. Musicals are so great! You deserve this wonderful break!

Arlene--It is good that you are up to date with your classes. Keeping a home clean when one has so many pets is a challenge.

Marijane--I think you deserve a break from this nasty weather. We have rumors of bad weather also but not to the extent of yours. We will be dealing with below normal temperatures.

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Re: Shopaholics O.D.A.T (Tuesday)

I don't have much time to post since I have "class" soon, but I wanted to express my condolences to you and your DH Gayle, and also send some cyber hugs to twinny. Sounds like you had a very difficult day having all those tests, etc.

Waves to all of you, and I hope to post later.



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Re: Shopaholics O.D.A.T (Tuesday)

Hi Kathleen. I was pretty surprised at how few clothes I really "needed" when we bought this house. Of course, I had a full wardrobe in Maryland, and there aren't too many cool/cold days here. When we moved for good, I found that I could thin out my wardrobe even more, but I still have too many clothes. Liked the purse and luggage you bought -- very nice. Hope your party goes well.

You certainly had a lot of school work Arlene. Hope you were able to get those donuts you like. I am not a big fan of jelly donuts, but I really do like donuts. I have exercised extreme restraint in recent years -- rarely purchase them, but I do have those cravings.

Sorry no Zumba for you Rosa, but your weekend plans sound great. How nice to go away to a lovely town, see a show, etc.

What a shame about your birthday weather Marijane. Hope the Thursday storm doesn't cause problems for you.

Hope you are feeling more relaxed now twinny, and your tests turn out okay.

Glad you had plenty of ice melt pinky. Those cookies sound interesting. I can appreciate not wanting to bake them just for the two of you, but I hope you do have the opportunity to have something you enjoy so much. I don't like to push the seasons either -- the stores seem to be full of Easter things, despite Valentine's Day not being over. I don't have lots of decorations out, but they are Valentine's decorations.

Hi Susan -- hope things are okay there, at least weather-wise. I was sad to see that another of our ladies lost her dog. Continuing to think of you and your DH.

I agree with you Jean, I prefer knowing what is happening to my health. Hope your wait isn't too difficult. Glad you had a good day subbing.

Much activity from my lawyer today. Looks like the settlement from my car insurance company will be finished soon. Of course, it will take a while for all the financial stuff to be done, but..... I was surprised that I hadn't filled everyone in to the details (or at least Kathleen didn't read my story), but the other driver's insurance company admitted that he was at fault only after I hired an attorney. Then, it turned out that he had a very minimal amount of insurance, and several passengers in his truck claimed injury. So, I still haven't received any money from his insurance.

My lawyer found that I had "under-insured motorist" coverage from my insurance company, and he filed a claim with them a couple of weeks ago. There was a bunch of negotiation between my insurance company and the lawyer, and in the end they made an offer which seemed fair enough to me. My lawyer will get a third of the money plus expenses, and the health insurance company will get money (they put a "lien" on any settlement money I received.) But, even so, I should get some money, which I will use to pay myself back for some accident-related expenses. Not sure exactly what I will do with any extra, but I don't plan to "blow it."

Waves to LindaR, Karen, and all of our posters and readers.

Sleep well everyone!

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Re: Shopaholics O.D.A.T (Tuesday)

Gayle: So sorry to hear of your loss. When you are ready the ""right"" dog will ge there needing love and your home.