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If there’s enough shea butter to help your feet, will the shea butter mess up your carpets and furniture?
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I am not familiar with the shea butter socks. I did have some gel lined socks from Bliss. A cream was rubbed on the feet. Then the socks were put on. I used mine in bed, but did not walk around in them. I never had a leak or anything to soil my sheets. They also made gloves.

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@ALRATIBA   I doubt they have enough Shea butter to help or hurt anything. 

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@ALRATIBA  - I wear my Muk Luk's shea butter socks everyday around the house.  They're very comfortable, but I can't detect any difference from a regular pair of comfortable socks.   Maybe the shea butter is more of a marketing tool.

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Shea butter or aloe infused socks will not harm carpets or furniture.


But that being said, it's not much more than a marketing ploy.


There's not enough infused substance to really do anything for your feet.  If you have dry scaly feet, that amount of shea butter will not magically make them soft.  If you already take care of your feet and moisturize properly, the shea butter in the knit is irrelevant.


Plus, it washes out after several washings.


I love Muk Luks cabin socks and buy them much less expensive elsewhere -- with no shea or aloe infused.  They are still the softest, most wonder feeling socks to wear around the house!


If that shea butter was a true benefit, why wouldn't Muk Luks sell that style in all of the many, many places you can buy Muk Luks socks?  

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My opinion but I think its a sales gimmick.

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Thanks everyone ....


 I was imagining putting my feet up on the couch and ending up wth an oily stain .... same with solid light colored carpets.