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Greetings, shopping friends. It is a beautiful but nippy day. I have just returned from having my Covid test done, cashing a work check, and picking up "some feed your face" goodies which I rarely eat except around the holidays.


I am watching The Crown on Netflix while awaiting time to leave to the city for the ortho appointment. I know I told them I needed a cortisone shot but who knows what it will end up.


I ordered the Dennis Basso TSV yesterday in chinchilla. Other than the goodies I picked up this morning, I don't anticipate any shopping. Instead, I am awaiting the Governor to make his Wednesday Covid update.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely. If you venture out, do so safely.



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Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Glad you were able to get your COVID test and pick up some fun food.  Hope your ortho appointment goes well, and you enjoy your Dennis Basso throw.  So far, I have not purchased one of his throws, but everyone seems to like them very much.


I have to admit to looking at the TSV, but I probably will not be ordering.  I already have a Keurig (5 years old, but going strong), and quite a few pods.  I use my espresso maker to make steamed milk, and it works beautifully.  And, I use it when I want true espresso rather than just coffee and steamed milk.  My DGS and wife had put this on their wedding registry, but I have not given them a wedding gift yet, and I don't know if they have that or another coffee maker already.  I will probably be giving them an Amazon gift card for Christmas.


It is supposed to make it to 90 degrees here today, and it was already 60 degrees (or close to it) on my walk this morning.  The house is still quite comfortable, so I don't need AC or heat.  I think cooler, more normal weather should be here this weekend.


I had my yoga class on-line, and unfortunately my internet stopped in the middle.  I managed to get it back, so I didn't miss much.  I used my new web cam, so much more of my body showed this time.  The picture is much better than the camera in my laptop.


Nothing of note planned for the day.  I spent some time yesterday evening cleaning the floor tiles (particularly the grout) in my kitchen and one of the bathrooms.  Not a fun or easy job, but the floors look much better.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone stays safe and has a nice evening.





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Hello all, after a few windy and cold days it's nice to see the sun and get into the 40's temperature wise.  I went to the bank today and took out the money for the great nieces for Christmas.  My sister is dropping off the Christmas presents to youngest niece tomorrow and will be meeting eldest niece's husband on Friday for gift hand-off (after work).


We won't be visiting them for the rest of the year and it saves a drive to the niece in the wood's house.  As it turns out youngest niece is moving after Thanksgiving to a small town a touch further than niece in the woods, lol.


It's funny, we all started out on the east side of Detroit then moved to burbs that were still considered east side and now it's just me and my sister - the rest are choosing semi-rural.


The decorative piece of plastic around my sister's driver side door lock fell off of her car last week so I ordered a chrome replacement handle from a place called car parts dot com.  I found a photo of the same car online - the handle works it's just that decorative piece around the lock.




The car is old, I bought it in 2010 and at that time the dealer had to get it from Ohio since I insisted on the exterior color of' arctic blue'.  The replacement handle/lock cover is chrome.  It was either that or black and I thought chrome would go better.  When my sister expressed a concern about the driver side door handle, the dealer mentioned it would cost over $300.  Okay, it wasn't the door handle that was giving way, she could tell the door lock trim was on it's way out.  I bought the part for $25 (s/h cost me) and I'll install it for free - these dealers are insane.


I have an order coming from hallmark dot com - first time ordering online from them.  


Coronavirus is out of control in my state and that frustrates the heck outta me.  

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