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Good Morning/Afternoon! Should be quite warm again today here -- mid 80's, but a bit cloudy.  Still good.  Hope your weather is okay, and Jean and her niece have safely landed in Australia.  Also hope your DH's tests turn out okay, twinny.  I am intrigued about what product from your town is sold on QVC.  I only wish that I could go on those relatively short flights with no plane changes.  Unfortunately, I haven't found a destination like that so far.  Even flying to New Mexico from Arizona took ages due to plane changes and long times between planes.


My knee gave me fits all day yesterday.  I did make it to the gym, but ended up spending lots of time on the sofa yesterday evening.  I guess it was God's way of telling me to cut back on all the walking.  That is what I planned for this year, but ended up walking way more than I should have.  


DGD accepted a new job offer today, and she is really looking forward to it.  The office is close to where they live, and she can work "flex" hours -- she will be starting and getting off work early.  She also will be paid more than at her last position, and there isn't the rigid dress code there.  Win/win for her.  She starts on April 7th.  


I think I have talked myself into going to COSTCO this morning.  They sell several things -- like batteries at very good prices, and I have not been there in ages.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day, and please post if you have time.





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Hello Linda @LindaLatte , thanks for starting us off today.  I'm sorry that your knee gave you fits yesterday.  I hope that resting it a little makes the pain go away.


Congratulations to your DGD on her new job.  It sounds like this job is a winner.


I just came back from a facebook marketplace sale.  I don't ship or do paypal so when a lady in northern Ohio reached out to me about two bracelets that I bought from the Q (black hills gold silver and arte d'argento) I decided it wouldn't kill me to meet her in the middle.  We each drove about 60 miles and met at a Cracker Barrel.  I have to say I meet the nicest people.  We were in the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel and she said, do you want to grab a cup of coffee?  We ended up having coffee and a blueberry muffin each Woman LOL


I'm probably never going to do that again even though it was a good experience.  We met in Monroe Michigan and I know nothing about Michigan south of Detroit so I considered that my Spring road trip into unknown territory. 


My lawnmower guy just dropped off my mower.  It's all tuned up and clean as though it's brand new.  I'm reading for grass cutting season when it gets here.



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Linda L, congrats to your dgd on her new job.  It's too bad that your knee is giving you problems.  Maybe a little bit less each day might take care of it.  My DH is supposed to do his normal activities, but I don't want him to walk & get all sweaty because he only has 5 replacement sticky pads which he has to take off to shower.  He plans to walk & then shower tomorrow.  The Holter Monitor goes back to the clinic on Friday morning.


Bird Mama. That sounded like a fun selling jewelry experience.  I have been wanting to go to Cracker Barrel since last fall.  Our nearest one is 45 miles away and we haven't been to that town for a long time.


It's partly sunny and mild.  Same for tomorrow and then maybe a couple of days of precipitation.


I did walk this morning but I didn't go into the Perfumery store that just opened a few months ago.  I am also curious what they sold on QVC that was made in our hometown.


This is going to be another busy week.  We are going out with friends for lunch tomorrow to our favorite Italian restaurant.  


On Friday we are going to take the heart monitor back & then do our grocery shopping.  Then I have a lunch date with friends.


We are going to an 80th birthday party on Sunday for one of my 2nd cousins.  It's at a local church so just across town.


Then who knows what our schedule will be.


Supper is meatloaf, baked potato and fresh veggies.


Hugs to all of you.

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Hi everyone - Linda - thanks for starting our thread today.  Sorry that your knee is bothering you.  My left knee is a bit sore from too much walking too.  What a coincidence!  Glad to hear that your DGD got a new job and it's a win/win situation.  Have fun at Costco and shop wisely.  Jean - probably won't be seeing this - but I wish you a fabulous trip!  Bernie - sounds like your purchase exchange went well, and so nice that the people you're meeting are pleasant.  60 miles is quite a ways to drive, so I can understand not doing it very often.  Smart of you to get the lawn mower prepped before mowing season starts.  Twinny - hope that your DH's monitoring continues to go smoothly, and that your busy week with friends and activities is fun.  Your planned dinner sounds nummy.


Yesterday was the completion of my root canal.  I told the dentist that the tooth was still sore (even with nerves removed), and he looked at me somewhat skeptically.  Turns out that the crown had come loose, and popped off when he started the work.  Good grief.  It is now cemented back on, the filling is completed, and low-and-behold the pain is gone.  4 visits to the dentist and two rounds of antibiotics.  What a "pain-in-the-tooth" that experience was.  Today I got lab work done in preparation for my yearly physical, and of course, my MD got part of my order messed up, so I have a little bit more to do to finish that.  Another annoyance.  I also visited the plastic surgeon on Monday for a consultation on upper eyelid surgery, and am going ahead with that the end of May.  I really want to put all of the doctors and dentists behind me.


Everything else in life is going well.  Other than the purchase of some books, I continue to be good about not buying clothing or jewelry.  I'm also continuing to be good about exercising and eating healthy.  As I mentioned above to Linda, I've been walking so much I have a bit of a sore knee (pain comes-and-goes).  But I've been enjoying the walking, so I'm just trying to monitor it and be careful.


I've also been working in the garden, doing more weeding and pruning.  I planted tomato seeds in peet pots, and petunias in big clay pots.  The daffodils are about done blooming, but now we have iris, tulips, and freesias blooming.  Very pretty.


Waves to all  ~ Charlene