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Sydnie and I finished the cut out sugar cookies. She was able to roll, cut and get them on the cookie sheets and then did a fancy job of decorating.


light snow here..hope the roads do not get slippery.


Jean, enjoy your lunch in the city.


Bernie that is a pretty necklace...


Snicks enjoy your family.


Cerb, enjoy yours also...I cook since there are 4 of us here and Santa comes.


Twinny, I am glad the social worker helped.  The hospice people should be good to talk to also.


((((hugs))))to all.

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Good Afternoon!  Thanks for getting us started, Jean, and thanks for providing that explanation of our thread.  I have not been here the entire time, but I think I was pretty early to the thread.  Wonderful group of ladies, and your posts have really helped me -- not only with shopping.  It is great to have all your prayers and good thoughts.


Sounds like you will have a lovely celebration, snicks.  Best of both worlds -- plenty of family and then alone time with your DH.


Have a great, if busy time with your family, spix.


That looks like a lovely necklace, Bernie.  But, it is good to consider that sort of purchase very carefully.  Your use of "easy pay" offers seems sensible to me.  I rarely use them, but it can be a good option if you aren't sure you will love the item.


I'm glad you got the call from the social worker, twinny.  Hope your celebration goes very well.  I have those days with DH -- very discouraging times which can be upsetting and overwhelming.  Fortunately, that doesn't happen every day.  I was a bit upset yesterday when the physical therapist said that I'll probably need to watch him every time he sits down or stands up.  I already figured that out, since he can miss the chair and fall.  But, I guess hearing it from someone else made it even more real to me.  He practiced getting in and out of chairs for quite a while, and he tried, but.....  He did well with the walking and the machine.  We go to physical therapy again tomorrow -- not my idea of a fun activity, but......  Anyway, I want you to know that I am praying for you.


Glad your DD's cat is better Charlene, and I hope you are having a relaxing day.


Waves to Kathleen, Arlene, Susan, Marijane, LindaR, Rosa, Karen, Gayle, pinky ann, Barbara, and all of our posters and readers.


It was a busy morning for me, but a good one.  I talked to the people at the "club" about DH's sitting issue, and they assured me that there is always someone with him when he gets up and down, goes to the bathroom, etc.  And, I told them that they should feel free to call the Fire Department if he should fall and not get up.  They told me that they would call me at the same time, so I can come or at least talk to the EMT's if I am too far away.  Then I raised the idea of DH coming twice a week starting in January, and that is all set up.  


After that, I went to a hospice place that according to the newspaper was supposed to be having a caregivers coffee at 10:00.  I was pretty sure some of the ladies in my other caregivers group went there.  Anyway, no one was there when I first came, but a lady showed up and said that the meeting was normally in the afternoon on the 4th Wednesday, but they were not having the meeting today.  I did talk to her about DH getting their services, and she will pass the message on to the lady who coordinates that sort of thing.  They had a therapy dog there (large), who is 13 years old and much loved.


I went by the library to drop off a book, and found one to purchase ($1) from the "Friends of the Library".  Then, I dropped off some of DH's donations to the thrift shop.


One of the local furniture stores had a circular indicating some "last minute" Christmas gifts/deals, and I was interested in a couple of the specials(bar stools to replace the ones we have) and an office chair.  Fortunately, both were available.  Normally, they have sold out of these "loss leaders" by the time I get there.  It was a great deal, and the warehouse guys will put them together for me (I just need to give them a tip).  Wow!  The new furniture will be my gift to me.


DD said everyone is doing pretty well there, which is always good news.


Sorry for the long, long message.  Have a good evening everyone!







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It's like a ghost town on my floor right now.  My manager, who is not in today told employees that they could leave 2 hours early - I'll be leaving at 4pm versus the usual 6pm.


My work is caught up and what is that saying - an idle mind is the devil's playground or plaything or something like that?


I just placed the order for the stainless steel and leather corded necklace (wink).  I took advantage of the two flex pay in case it is not all that  - I'll be out only half if I have to return it.


Tentative arrival date is January 2.  If it does arrive before January 5th, I will wear it to work that day since it's my 35th work anniversary present to myself.


I think what I liked about it was that it reminded a wee bit of a necklace I admire by Jai (here at the Q).


JAI Sterling & 14K 5 Station Hill Tribe Necklace on Leather - J325168

The above reference JAI piece is on clearance for $199 and some change.  Sure, the one I ordered isn't silver with gold accents but I think the one I bought has more presence and it significantly cheaper.


I know, I know, I'm talking myself into why I just ordered it, rofl.  Now I need to go over to my bank's website and pay visa the order amount so I can start the year with a zero balance.



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Hi girls!

Boy, am I ever exhausted!  The baking is done, and the rum cakes and cupcakes have all been delivered except for my neighbors across the street. One person is out of town, so someone else will be getting his...  I don't have a problem pulling all-nighters for school work, but I can't do the standing on my feet for hours anymore, much less baking all night as I used to do before Christmas when I had the business going.  After making my deliveries yesterday I went to my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner, as I was too tired to cook. I ordered a "Big Daddy" hero - chicken, steak, and shrimp with cheese and marinara sauce - but after eating about half of it suddenly found myself too sleepy to take another bite - it was too much effort to chew. When I'm too tired to eat, you know it's bad!

How tired am I?  Well, I was just reading the thread, and had to do a double-take - I thought Bird had written that she did an EZ Pay on a pole from the Q, and a picture flashed into my mind of her pole dancing...maybe dressed in bird feathers... Cat LOL


I'm having a lazy day today; I slept late, and doubt I'll do anything more than vacuum and get the bed changed. I'm hungry...but don't feel up to cooking...


LindaL and Twinny - I've been praying for you; I know what a difficult time you're going through.


Jean, you're going to the post office tomorrow, right?

Charlene, I've been seeing lots of pretty things as well, but don't NEED anything; I have to remind myself that I have things that are just as nice (or nicer) at home that I've never used.  I guess with the warm weather (70s here this week) the stores aren't doing well on selling winter stuff; Walmart had winter clothing on clearance and they're putting out spring things already!  Cat Surprised  I have a coupon for 50% off a clearance item at Goody's that's good starting the day after Christmas, but there's absolutely, positively nothing at all that I need...


Has Pinky been by lately?  I don't recall having seen her for a few days. 


Well, I'm fading again...I guess I'll take a nap, then maybe I'll have the energy to cook something.


Hi to everyone - have a blessed evening! 

PS - I'd appreciate prayer for something very important - thanks.



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Girl, my pole dancing days are over.  You need to get some sleep, rofl.

There are many elements: wind, fire, water
But none quite like the element of surprise