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Good morning, shopping friends. I was up bright and early this morning, sorting some things and making phone calls. That, of course, means I am awaiting some to return the calls. Telephone tag time.


I do like the TSV rugs but am not buying. I have some faux flowers in my cart at Amazon which I am debating. I'm tired of planting things and  having the weather, animals, etc. undo my efforts. I uselord to enjoy gardening but no longer do so.


One more week will make two months I have not bought a want. For this reason, I am delaying the Amazon purchase. I can easily get by without any floral accents on the deck, etc. Perhaps I will reconsider it when May rolls around.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.



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Good Morning and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Waiting for return calls can be so frustrating.  But, I seem to have to do so pretty often.


Really like those rugs, but I'm probably going to resist -- can't say that with 100 percent certainty, but they are definitely not a need, and I have already spent any "wanty" money (plus) for this month.  


Good for you with your shopping restraint.  Also glad your tests showed nothing of concern.  That is certainly a quick turn around time for results.


In answer to Marijane's question yesterday -- yes, they make and sell olive oil at the olive mill I will be visiting.  And, we will be having lunch there.  According to Barbara, their olive oil is very good.  I'll be interested to try their oils since I have tried special olive oils elsewhere.   Glad your grocery store is open, and hope they get the shelves filled soon.


After talking to the broker yesterday, I realized that one of my savings account is paying quite a bit more interest than another one, so I have decided to increase my monthly saving to that one and reduce it in another.  We're not talking big bucks here, but I realized that I'm not keeping on top of these things often enough.  Grief group was good yesterday, and I also went to the bakery/cafe after the meeting with my buddy Jo Ann.  I had ice cream (very unusual for me, but good.)  She had iced coffee and bread pudding.  


Today, I have the senior lunch program, and then I plan to go to the gym.  Nothing else to report.


Waves to all of our posters and readers, and have a nice day!







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hello Ladies,  beautiful day here today,almost 70,,,,,could be warmer but I'm happy.


Happy your tests came back ok Jean.  WE usually get next day results on any tests we may have....saves for a lot of stress and wondering.


Thanks for the info on the olive press Linda....I have read in the past how some are cold press,first press..maybe that's the same process and it goes down the line....I think the prices go in the same direction too..the sooner they are pressed the more expensive they sounds pretty will have to let us know when you get back.


Not much else going on here just enjoying the day. I have a hair apt tomorrow,late,for me anyhow,it's at noon....I like to get an early morning one.....if one person is late that messes up all the apts. behind them.      Have a nice rest of the Yanks are out in the West coast all,this week so that means they aren't on tv till around 10pm....usually I never see the end of their games.         Marijane



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It must have sprinkled rain last night or before the crack o dawn (when I awoke).  I noticed the sidewalk seemed a little damp.  My sister is on vacation this week so she came over and we drove to a local coney island for breakfast, then puttered around at the Target that is closing June 1st near the theatre that we visit.  After that we went to see a suspense/scary movie called US.  I hadn't been to the theatre since they upgraded the seating to recliners and when the ticket agent said, pick your seat on the screen.  I said what?  LOL.  There are less seats in the theatre and you pick your seat.  Turns out, for not knowing about the new layout, we got pretty good seats.  I found the sound system to be louder than usual.


We had planned to get some ice cream afterwards from the local ice cream parlor however my sister was stuffed from the popcorn she ate.  I obstained because I was full from breakfast.  We'll do it another day.


It's breezy and cooler outside now and looks like rain is coming.

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