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Greetings, shopping friends. I have been so tired from getting ready for the furniture delivery and not sleepinng during the week that last night, I slept over ten hours. I don't even remember getting up for the bathroom during the night but then I might have slept walked it.


I should be restoring some things into their normal places but I still feel tired and brain fogged from too much sleep. Instead, I went online and double checked my accounts and made some payments so the card will report a zero balance to the credit bureaus.


I do have to go to Walgreens and pick up my renewed presciptions. I would loved to have gone to the city today but we have a flood watch in effect from all the rain.


I did watch part of the Q today but didn't need any Temptations, both the dinnerware and the temptation to spend.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop  wisely and, if you venture out do so safely.



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Hi Everyone!


It's raining steady today with a prediction to last thru tomorrow. UGH!!!! So far, it's been slow and steady but somewhat managable with the driveway drain and the ice flow in the patio yard area..  I do hope it cools off before the mud can form in the dogs area. 


I'm still stiff and soar from bathing the dogs. It's a large enough shower until you get a big GSD and a person in there. My hubby put an extenstion on the shower hose so at least I can lean over the dog and get the water where I need it. We got so lucky that it was a semi warm day yesterday so they really dried quickly. 


If anyone is lin the need for kitchen towels the Don Astlet daisy set is on clearance for under $15. You get a lot of the washcloths with this set. I'm a big fan of these towels and have them. I did order another set because it was too good to let it go. 


I didn't see too much of the Q this am. I did see the fairy lights and thought thery were pretty. I have a few and found the BL brand to be more reliable. I'm trying to have restraint with candles, lights because battery purchases can get pricy.


KomKat---You must have been exhausted from all that rearranging of furniture for the deliveries. I swear that is the worse part and then putting everything back in place. It always reminds me of moving day. It's worth it when you are please with your purchases.


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Jean, moving furniture around is exhausting, but the results are worth it.  It's drizzly & foggy here & still in the 40's.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 30's & sunny, then we are supposed to be in the 50's.  March will be coming in like a 🐑🐑.  


fressa, it looks like you have a good place to bathe the dogs.  We have a lot of snow on the ground, but it's black along the edges of the road.  


I put the Snowmen away for the Season this morning.  I have a couple of Shamrocks hanging on the front doors, but I would like to buy a couple of nice Spring things for inside the house.  I am hoping to go to JCP & Home Goods after my infusion tomorrow.  


Lunch is going to be light since we are having the leftover ribs for dinner tonight.


My DH is sleeping. As soon as I put on our good dancing music, he is out like a light.  We enjoy dancing in the house & it's good exercise.  I would rather dance than go for a walk.  


No big plans today except hot tubbing after we have lunch.


Hugs to all of you.


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Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  You must have been very tired.  I have not been sleeping well lately (lots of bad dreams, etc.), but I slept a little better last night (more like 7 hours).  I know that arranging furniture can be very tiring.  Good idea to wait until you are not tired/brain fogged.  Sorry you can't go into city due to the weather, and I hope picking up your prescriptions goes okay.


Glad you were able to find some very low cost airfare to go to Alaska.  I have not been there, but I understand that it is beautiful.


Hi  Fressa.   Sorry you are sore from washing the dogs.  Thanks for the tip on those cloths.  I am seriously considering them since the ones I purchased from Walmart are thinner than I would like.


Sounds like a quiet, but nice day there Glenda.  It is cool here today with a high in the 50's predicted.  Somehow, I was warm enough during my on-line church service, but now it feels very chilly.  Trying to add more clothing rather than turn up the thermostat.


My nephew's widow contacted me yesterday to say that she is planning a trip to Arizona in July.  And, she would like to visit with me while she is in the State (she will be starting in Sedona and going to several other areas).  I'm really looking forward to her visit, and hope we can go to some of the wonderful parks, etc. nearby.  And, going out for a meal or two would be great.  


No exciting plans for the day.  I will do an exercise DVD, and some cooking.  And, I plan to go over my taxes again and perhaps file them today.  


Waves to all of our posters and readers.


Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.





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I awoke to dark gray gloomy looking clouds this morning.  Since it's been pretty sunny for a week, I tried not to grumble as I walkes around the house and turned the lamps on.  It's since brightened up a bit however rain should be rolling back in later this afternoon.


Mid-week I woke up two mornings in a row at 4:30 am after going to bed at 10:30 pm the night before.  I mean I was wide awake.  Friday night and last night I got 9 hours sleep.  I guess it evened out.


I received my Dennis Basso trench yesterday.


Dennis Basso Water-Resistant Double-Breasted Short Trench - A373110


It's beautifully made and fits me well Woman Happy



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