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Re: Rotita Fashions

@PodyPo  Me too!


Now waiting for the exchange of size on the black/white top. I've been tracking it and they received it several days ago. YAY!!!

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Re: Rotita Fashions

@Sunshine45 wrote:

@SavvySecrest wrote:

The sizing is generally about two sizes smaller than US sizing.



at least two sizes too small in general.

i also find the quality to be severely lacking.

there are a number of these types of sites, but i dont order from them anymore.

no matter how good the deal is, i am not taking a chance.

@Sunshine45, same here.  I didn't have good luck and I was very uneasy about giving my CC information as well.


The order came and the quality wasn't good and my size XS/S sister couldn't get in the large tops.  LOL


As an aside, about 5 or so years ago it was all the rage for people to order prom dresses and other formal dresses from these cheap sites.  Many times the orders were never sent at all or what was sent looked nothing like the photo.  There were several exposes on the news about them.  


Someone I know ordered her mother of the bride dress.  It came with all the beads in a baggy for her to sew them on herself!  We still laugh about that.      

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Re: Rotita Fashions

I've ordered several tops from Rotita, and have been satisfied with all of them.  However, with the items coming from China, it does take a few weeks to get them, and I've learned to order a size up from my usual large.