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Dennis Basso Jacquard Sweater Cowl-Neck Top w/Hi-Low Hem - A344761 



I bought this sweater in early December 2019.  Due to the circumstances of the last 18 months - never wore it!.


Sweater is off white with a dark gray/silver metallic jacquard pattern.


So .... I'm going through my scarf stash to see what-goes-with-what, and come across a scarf that came along with an SG sweater years ago.  (Sweater is long gone.)  Scarf is darker gray/silver metallic.   8" wide / 72" long.  


(I'm a sucker for metallic yarns.  Use them every chance I get!*  I'm currently in my own metallic yarn phase.)


Anyway ... the DB sweater is hanging there in front of me - I look up and the scarf and sweater were an instant match.   I draped the scarf loosely just under the cowl of the sweater - looks great! 


So glad I saved the scarf!  Think I'm going to wear it to my meeting tomorrow.




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Re: Remember this DB Sweater?

@ALRATIBA Serendipity!   Enjoy wearing your sweater and scarf. 

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