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Love model Angela...what a gorgeous smile!

We don't "climb into" clothes...sounds so ignorant 😬
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@Justshop.  That is an expression commonly used in literature so it's not ignorant at all.

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I really like Angel. Her name definitely describes her. I don’t have any QF but I’m really tempted to order that celestial shirt.
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Love Angel! She's lovely!  I dont care for rhinestones but I've bought some cute rhinestone free Tees...a fabulous BELIEVE XMAS TEE last XMAS ...sent a picture to Angel. And she posted it. 😀





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@Kachina624 @Agreed. I hear that expression often when describing putting on clothing! Some days that is exactly how I get in my jeans! Lol


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I've always liked Angel and the QF line.  I have many tops mostly that I wear around the holidays or on vacations.   I don't own anything too blingy but they are all nice quality and the embroidery is beautiful.  That being said, I no longer purchase as I don't need anymore of these types of tops.  Plus I do feel the line is getting stale and out of new ideas. JMO.

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I buy my mother Quacker Factory dreamjeannes because she loves how comfortable they are, and disguised to look very current (her word Smiley Happy).  


I've only purchased a couple of QF tops and one cardigan for her.  All with lovely embroidery, but no bling, per her preference.


Embroidery is extremely on trend.  Driftwood brand, that QVC has recently included in their lineup, and sometimes DG2 on HSN have some gorgeous embroidery.  When done fresh and sophisticated, I absolutely love embroidery like Driftwood's.  


I think QF has extremely talented embroidery designers, but they're stuck in the 80's & 90's as far as designs.  Too cutesy for me, too much of it as a bullseye on the chest, and almost always combined with some sort of bling.   


I think they may be narrowing their market by not updating their fashion, and it'll soon self-destruct, unfortunately.

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Some days getting dressed is the first and only mountain I am able climb. 

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@Justshop wrote:
Love model Angela...what a gorgeous smile!

We don't "climb into" clothes...sounds so ignorant 😬


@Justshop   I can accept climb into much easier than "throw on". 

I feel like Im always trying to climb into my clothes, but I've never been able to "throw on" a blouse or a pair of pants no matter how hard I throw them. Smiley LOL    

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Danielle Steele frequently used the expression "climb into clothes".

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