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I've never purchased any clothing from QVC, so I don't know how their sizing runs.

I also don't like ornamentation, or much of it, on my clothes. However, I saw a couple of items I'm interested in from QF.

They showed a sizing chart, and referred to the dress size column as being "the Q's dress size". What does that mean?!

Could anybody give me an idea on QF's sizing? Do they run large? Small? I'm trying to go by the size I wear in most brands.

Thanks to anybody who can help.

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Quacker Factory runs a bit large. Order what you want , then if it doesn't fit, you can always send it back. I usually order a size smaller in most items, however, I always check the measurements of the garment first before I order.

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If you buy your clothing in real stores, QF usually runs larger in comparison. That's fine if you prefer a loose fit. If not, go down one size. If you buy from other shopping channels, go with that size, they are pretty comparable.

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There should be a link in the item description for ""click here"" measurements. They will be specific to that particular item of clothing.Then you can get a better idea. The generic sizing chart won't help much at all.

I'm not a QF fan but did get a really cute short sleeve sweater a while back from the line. I usually wear a medium and took a small in QF. I think they tend to run large.

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I agree that QF runs large. I usually buy a large in D&Co because I like my things loose. But in QF, the large is too big and the medium too snug. I can't order them right now, because nothing I've gotten fits.

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I think Quacker runs larger than even other QVC brands. Therefore you are more than likely two sizes down from whatever size you usually buy at other stores, and maybe a size smaller than Denim & Co and Susan Graver (two other brands on QVC which are sized for a generous full cut fit).

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I have bought many Quacker items along with other lines. I find them to run the same as any store like Kohl's. Isaac mizrahi, Quacker and denim and co, lines...all the same.