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Good day it’s been a while since they’ve had a presentation and the “search new” merchandise is very limited. I miss them especially as I am looking for some holiday whimsical dressing. And sequins. All Points Bulletin: We need Quacker!
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Quacker is in Qvc2 weekly on Sunday afternoons usually a two hour show. They ahve not gone anywhere.

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Angel said there will be NO Quacker Factory show on QVC2 today.
There will be some items in a 4-7pm show on QVC2. 
I think it's another clearance show.

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I feel like this time of year at the Q there is not as much new in any of the fashion lines.  It seems to be more Christmas decorations, foods, electronics, general gifts. 

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or from the Sultan of Sequins....Bob Mackie!

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Until recently, when they got into full holiday mode, it seemed like there was one Quacker  show after another.

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I agree!!!!!!!  Why do we not see more Quacker Factory on the Q where I can watch it on television?   There was a time when I could wear Quacker every day of December and not repeat the outfit.   Those outfits need to be replaced with NEW Quacker.  Please more Christmas themed JACKETS, SWEATERS, AND VESTS.   There are still alot of us ladies of a certain age that love to "sparkle".