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I received a spring fashion mailer from QVC yesterday. I thought it was really nicely done. It was visually appealing, and it made me want to look more closely at some of the clothes in the mailer. It reminded me of something that I might get from a store like Talbots. it made the items look more upscale. The Dennis Basso jacket is pretty, but it is not on yet.
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I received it too; it was a nice flyer, yes like the Chico's kind. But darn it ~ they offered free shipping with a code, through a March date...and  I had just yesterday morning bought a D&C bathing suit. Was bummed it no longer was on the sale price, (when I'd first seen it, it was a better price but they didn't have my size..when I checked back they did, but the price was at least $10 more.) So, it would've been nice to at least get free ship. It's so tricky to get the fit right, always a longshot, but it looks cute, so I wanted to give it a shot.


I'm not in the market for anymore Q fashion...but you never know what might pop up. If the D&C bathing suit doesn't work there's another Isaac suit I'm eyeballing. Years and years ago, pre-Q for him, when he was at Target, I bought two of his suits there. Loved them. The style and quality were great. They lasted for years. They'd still look good if they still fit me! Lol. whaaaaaa.😭 

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@GoodyShoes  Looked all over the site for the Basso jacket.  It looks so pretty and I wanted a close up view. Bet it will sell out in a flash when they show it.

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I received the mailer yesterday. Although I haven't looked through it yet, I did notice the free shipping code on the back.

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It's a very nice mailer.  I especially like the note on the back of it for Free Shipping on 4 fashion purchases from 2/26 - 3/31.

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The dentist, Basso jacket, A644456, is now posted on No petites though.
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I received the mailer also, thanks QVC, much appreciated!



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  With all the money spent on the mailer , an email with  a promo for 20% off  and free shipping would have been  more positively received.


Yes, the DB jacket looked nice , but with closer observation  on QVC website, it is very boxy  and no seaming in the back . The sleeves look a bit  odd on the model. I do like the color & appreciate a promo price but it's not as tailored as his other jackets .

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I bought the DB Jacket in the blue. Not sure it will work for me since the sleeves will probably be too long. It would be nice for Work and dressier occasions if it does fit. There is something a little off around the collar, too, I think. One of the models had a turtleneck on to fill out that area. I think that maybe it is wide in the collar and shoulders and smaller through the hips, making the models have to get a bigger size than what fit in the shoulders, but that is just my guess.
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due to inconsistant sizing and fit, I no longer order clothes or shoes from QVC. not only that, but without a printer and cell phone, I have to request and wait for a return label. 


if the Q can afford sending out glossy mailers, they can afford to provide return labels. 


yes, I am grumpy about this. I know many companies no longer provide return labels. the Q provides a packaging slip with everything BUT the return portion. how much more cost is there to add the return label.


don't @me. I know there's lots of opinions on this. just venting MHO


rant over.