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QVC Please...

Please consider adding a search option for the level of cotton in each clothing item. This would be in the left-side panel, where you can search by size, color, etc.

We live in Arizona. When I'm searching for t-shirts, cardigan sweaters, etc., I spend far too much time looking at items that are 100% polyester, rayon, nylon, etc. 95% cotton & 5% spandex or polyester would be adequate, but less than 95% cotton, is just too blooming hot when it's 110 in the shade.

Thank you for considering this option, for our searches! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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Re: QVC Please...

I live in Minnesota and I don't want poly either!
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Re: QVC Please...

when it is 110 degrees here in TX, no poly for me!

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Re: QVC Please...

Haha, I love cotton too! That's why I stay away from the polyester queen, Susan Graver.