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Just watching the lunchtime specials and a BMak bag was reduced to a whopping $101.


Why does the Q hang on to that old of inventory?  All those handbags should of been gone at least a year ago.  Same for George S....loved his stuff but he's a goner too.


I personally would of cleared out the inventory, taken a loss on the product (offsets all the profits for that item), make space and be done with it....but that's just me.


I just wonder what the thought process is for that big of company.


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No one has ever figured out their marketing stratagies.  I don't think they make sense either.

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For the past week or so, the LTS have been stuff someone must have found in the back of a long forgotten warehouse. I don't even remember half of the so-called designers of many of the items. Reviews are almost universally mediocre as well. Probably should just send it to their outlets, or sell it to Big Lots!

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You'd think fabric and leather stored in a warehouse that long would start to smell very musty to the point it would be unsellable.  How long has Makowsky been gone?  Three or four years?  The Q CEO must be a pack rat.

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Re: Q's Inventory

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I have a jewelry items on my wish list - then one day I looked my carefully at the reviews and realized they were from 2011. LOL  The clearance price also went up when the cost of shipping was reduced. Too funny!

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Woman LOL  Kachina624, your post made me burst out in a robust LOL.