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that the only place i look haave forund some great things and NOTHING wrong with them also checn HSN just started and "as-is"  section    

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@KKlim  @sugarbee  I don't like being retired either.  I worked in jobs I loved all my adult life.  Not interested in cooking, housework or any of that stuff.


I liked being out among people, dressed up in professional clothes and doing work that interested me and interacting with co-workers, etc.


Being retired means that I aged out of those years physically and technology wise and I don't like it.


Still love to buy QVC clothes even tho I surely don't need them.



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@sugarbee. Aww... I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully u can find other reasons to dress up ( at least a little) and make yourself feel good. Be well..!
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@KKlim   When you said 'most people love it' made me think of my friend who lost her job when the store she worked in closed.   She is miserable and making her friends and family miserable as well.  She constantly says she wants a job but can't find anything she wants.


She was always been in sales in a retail location and was good at it but we live rather rural so jobs like what she wants are not available with out travelling 40 ish miles.  She refuses to take a job being a clerk in a retail store....she does not want to just check people out at a register.


She just cannot seem to find her 'groove'.  She is not married, no children and I think slighly resents those of us that are married or have children....

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Mom2Dogs..Hi, That’s a tough situation your friend is in.
I totally understand how it could affect her and the relationships she is in-regarding her friends. With the various B+ M store closings, I hope your friend is able to find her niche again and get a job that she enjoys.
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@KathyM23.. I can totally understand how u feel. You sounded like u thrived in your Professional life!
I don’t like cooking either !😂 Hopefully, u have happiness in other things.
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I haven't bought much but the few items didn't last. In the brands I bought, they developed holes in sweaters and or didn't wash well.  So I don't buy anymore. I shop Kohl's and occasionally JC Penney. Special Occasions I went to VonMauer.

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I like some of the clothing on TSV. I feel the prices are expensive. Clothing is these days but I find even the higher end stores have much better deals. I have shoped at Lands end, Northstrum, the Loft, Kohles, Marshels etc and I find much better deals.Also you can find free shipping. 

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I am retired and own more clothes than I'll ever be able to wear.  I buy as is and Ebay.  




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Agreed the return cost has stopped me from ordering much anymore. Postage has become ridiculous!